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Here are the services we offer

Specialist Transport

With over 25 years experience we have built our reputation as Marine Haulers with an attention to detail. Specialising in bespoke transport solutions for Classic and vintage craft. We take on the challenge each year of delivering, the collection of fine craft that winter with Henwood and Dean boat builders at their unique and quirky yard in Dairy Lane Hambleden. Each boat is extracted from its cosy winter storage given a thorough spring clean and reunited with its inventory items, which are safely dry stored. They are then craned to one of our custom built trailers, which is individually tailored to support each unique hull shape. The boat then leaves the yard on its way to the most suitable launch site where it is recommissioned and delivered by river to its owners mooring ready to be enjoyed in perfect condition at the turn of a key. This process is then re-enacted in reverse in the Autumn when the boats are decommissioned, have their bottoms scrubbed, top sides washed are refuelled and then crained to their individual trolley. They are positioned for the winter and blocked up so they are well supported through out their stay.

Our fleet of vehicles have been specifically chosen to give us a wide-ranging scope; as far as journeys and specific requirements are concerned they all meet current low emission standards. We have two sizes of landrover ideal for slipway recovers and launching and a brand new Iveco Daily, which is proving to be outstanding on long deliveries. Our Vehicles are complemented by a selection of Custom built trailers that can be simply and efficiently set up to provide a bespoke fit to any hull shape. They all are equipped with centre rollers and large surface area bunks to eliminate point loading vital for wooden craft and ideal for all boats. Our experienced staff can provide advice on launch and recover locations across the UK and are qualified as both crane operators and slinger banks men.

We also have an innovative jacking system that can be used to unload or load craft on sites where carnage is not available or access is limited. Working with our transport partners we can provide solutions for larger vessels in excess of 2.75 tonnes we have developed a cradle system that can be fitted to flat beds and low loaders providing support up to 50ft. We have used it to great effect in conjunction with a rear steer extendable trailer to gain access to relatively tight yards with large loads.

We are currently the only transport contractor affiliated to the Wooden Boat Builders Trade Association. For a no obligation quote based on Boat size and mileage please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Having lifted, installed and hung the majority of exhibits at the River an Rowing Museum in Henley on Thames our reputation for tackling complex permanent and temporary, public and private exhibitions has grown.

We can provide fully insured transport for exhibition pieces, deliver safe and often inventive processes for positioning and displaying pieces, and are used to suspending displays in ceiling spaces.

Risk assessments and installation time lines can be provided for projects, as we understand that often there is a short time window to complete works in public spaces.

Projects have varied from hanging vintage sculling and rowing boats in a ceiling space over a private swimming pool, to major installations at the River and Rowing museum, London Design museum, Iron Bridge Working museum, a pop up museum at Dorney Lake for the Junior Rowing World Cup, The Windermere Steam Boat Museum, and annually changing and checking suspended exhibits at the Langley Academy.

We regularly deliver and install boats at shows and events including The Goodwood Revival, Thames Traditional Boat Rally, Beale Park Boat Show and the London Boat Show.

We are happy to pre-visit sites to plan exhibitions and provide quotes.

Rowing and Regattas

We have been providing support to UK rowing events for over 25 years, primarily we supply Launch drivers and launches for competition rowing with in the Thames Valley, including Dorney Lake, site of the 2012 Olympic rowing and canoeing events.

In conjunction with Marlow International Regatta we operate two catamarans used exclusively for Umpiring at Regattas. Both are PLA licensed as well as having speed exemption triangles for the Upper Thames. The Launches are fast enough for top flight multi lane work and make minimal wash, they are available for hire, delivered and manned through out the year as comfortable and reliable Umpire Launches, but could easily be used as smooth running camera boats.

We operate the 50ft Umpire Launch Amaryllis; she was built by Hobbs of Henley in 1936 and was commissioned by Cambridge University Boat club. Each year Operations Director Dan takes her down river from Henley to Putney to accompany both the Cambridge Blue Boat and the Goldie Boat in their preparations for the Boatrace. She is then used to follow the race along with four other launches of her type some of whom are also driven and crewed by 3D marine staff.

Henley Royal Regatta is Amaryllis’s next official duty of the year where 3D Marine are again on duty supplying drivers on the world famous Regatta course and helping to facilitate the impeccable running of this historic international event.

Contract Crew

Skippers and crew with a wealth of experience can be supplied for any number of vessel types, from passenger boats to private launches. Many of our staff hold a Boat Master Licence as well as having extensive local knowledge of the Thames and some costal waters.

For commercial operations such as passenger boats or survey and safety boats skippers and crew are available on a spot hire basis, or for longer contracts. It is worth noting that we can also supply suitable boats for many tasks including prop boats from a range periods for film work.

Private yacht and boat owners might like to consider using a skipper or crew if they are entertaining afloat or require a delivery by water. We are currently engaged by several classic motor yacht owners to provide a management package for their boats which includes regular checks and cleaning while the boats are afloat and providing skippers and crew for outings.

We are happy to provide advice and familiarisation time to new boat owners and can assist with maintenance and winter storage solutions.

During the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012 we supplied skippers and crew to no less than four boats featured in the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant, two Dunkirk Little Ships one of the Bates Star Craft fleet and the 50ft umpire launch Amaryllis which represented the County of Cambridgeshire.

If you would like more information regarding skippers and crew or would like a quote please don’t hesitate to contact us.