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Here is an example of some of the projects we've successfully undertaken

We've worked on a range of projects - below is an example of some of our most recent work.

In Early 2015 we were contacted by Brunel University to assist them in clearing their boathouse at Runnymede to provide space for Magna Carta 800 exhibitions, and a visitor centre. We transported and found homes for several old racing boats as well as helping select one of the collection to be restored and displayed in the University's new Gateway Building. It was decided that a split four built by Donaratico in Italy was the most complete and striking example to be displayed in the large communal space of the Gateway Building. The four was taken to Henwood and Dean Boatbuilders for a revarnish and light interior restoration, it was then test rigged upside down with its blades in place to give the impression the boat was underway at the end of a stroke and creating an arrow shape giving a sense of movement. Once we were happy that we could support the boat in this rigged position with the blades in place it was transported to the Gateway Building. The next challenge was to suspend the four from 6 hanging points at none symmetrical positions in the two story high ceiling the building is curved so some innovative rigging was required. The four was re rigged and lifted into position. We completed the instalation in 2 days working around the Buildings busy schedual to ensure the work space remained empty during the lifting phase.

In March 2014 3D Marine were thrilled to be appointed to provide Boat Master and deck crews for The Queen's Row Barge Gloriana. This unique vessel was commissioned for, and was the pride of position at, Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee Flotilla in June 2012. Now used under the direction of a Board of Trustees led by Lord Sterling the QRB is deployed for state occasions, The Lord Mayors Show, The Great River Race & Henley Royal Regatta to name a few. In 2015 and 2016 we were seen along both the tidal and no-tidal Thames working alongside Thames Alive to deliver QRB to a selection of events, including The Magna Carta 800 celebrations in June, and the procession to The Palace of Westminster, as the lead vessel, to commemorate Her Majesty becoming the longest serving Monarch in British history. QRB also made her way back to Henley-on-Thames, but this time to be one of the lead exhibits in the re-launched Traditional Boat Festival. Visit the QRB website

In November 2013 we were approached to assist in moving the stunning passenger steam boat Windsor Belle from her mooring on the Thames to covered storage, where she would be safe and could be revarnished during the winter. Following several site visits to check access and clearances, Windsor Belle was lifted and transported to site where we under took the task of slinging her and lifting her to our custom built cradle, where she was supported for the final leg of her journey into the shed. Winches needed to be used to move her into position and liner boards protected the floor in the shed. Once in position blocking was added to ensure she was supported correctly through out her stay. Covered winter storage is such an advantage for wooden craft and with the current record breaking river levels Windsor Belle is in the safest place this winter.

In 2007 following a landmark decision the entire collection at the Windermere Steam boat Museum was bequeathed to the nation in lieu of death duties. It was entrusted to the Lake Land Arts Trust who commissioned a full survey of the collection consisting of over twenty boats and the wet boathouse in which they where stored. As a result of its findings the Trust secured funding to lift the entire collection and re-house it ashore in a temporary building, in order to prevent any further deterioration while funding to was sought to re build the boathouse and restore and preserve many of the Internationally significant boats.

3D Marine were one of three contractors approved to carry out the lifting and installation of the collection in to its temporary building, the project was carried out over three weeks and every boat was fitted with its own bespoke trolley and stabilized for storage.In September 2013 it was announced that the Lake Land Arts Trust has been awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund Grant of 9.4 million to re-build the lakeside museum and wet boathouse to display the collection and connect people with the boats and the lake.